Weekly Fresh Market

Every Friday you will find the most delicious fresh produce, beautiful flowers and finest fabrics on the market on the Burgemeester van Stamplein in Hoofddorp. Best quality for a price that you can only find on the market. Merchants, who loudly advertise their fish fresh or fragrant bread. Demonstrations of the latest household products. You encounter it all while you walk along the cozy booths. And you're just tired of shopping? Then you deserved rest on one of the terraces on the edge of the square. The weekly market in the shopping center of Hoofddorp is the largest of Haarlemmermeer with 100 stalls every week. On Fridays you can go here from 09.00 AM till 04.30 PM

Hoofddorp Shopping Area

Hoofddorp houses the largest shopping centre of Haarlemmermeer. This centre, much of which is covered, is one of the few shopping areas in the Netherlands where all large clothing, retail and gift formulas are represented. For more information, parking and opening hours...

Schiphol Plaza

Schiphol Plaza is the shopping centre at Schiphol Airport located in front of passport control. Besides the many stores, there are plenty of catering establishments were you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a tasty lunch or a complete meal. It is open 365 days a year, 24/7. For more information and trips...

Nieuw-Vennep Shopping Village

Nieuw-Vennep has two shopping centres. ‘De Symfonie’ in the town centre has over 80 stores that ensure several hours of shopping pleasure. ‘Getsewoud’ is a cosy district shopping centre with 31 stores.

Cruquius Lifestyle Shopping Area

Cruquius Shopping Area brings together over 50 outlets in the area of furnishings, furniture, garden, DIY, Lifestyle, sports and multimedia. For more information and address...