Website and community for internationals in Haarlemmermeer

ExpatsHaarlemmermeer is a community-driven platform aiming at covering the local needs of all English-speaking internationals living or working in Haarlemmermeer or planning to move there. ExpatsHaarlemmermeer features information pages dedicated to housing, careers, education, services and also offers news, articles and an event & meetup calendar.

Easing & Enriching the life of internationals in Haarlemmermeer

News, Information, Articles, Events, Meetups, Services & Deals in fields such as Expat Life, Relocation, Housing, Working, Dutch Language, Legal and Financial Services, Social life, Family issues, Healthcare, Going out and Wellness. 

for expats – and Dutchies too- in Haarlemmermeer! Join the expatsHaarlemmermeer community, get informed, and meet at one of the drinks, outdoor activities, comedy nights and other events.
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